Track Racing

Motorbike racing is a sport that has been in existence since the early 20th century, and with each passing year, it has been gaining great popularity. As the name implies, the sport generally involves riders competing among themselves when riding motorcycles; the faster and better riders they are, the higher their chances of winning the game. Motorbike racing takes many different forms, but the most common ones include road racing, circuit racing, track racing and open course racing.

Track racing is one of the types of motorbike racing sports. It is so named because the competitions take place in an oval track. The tracks can have different variants or in lay man’s language, ground coverings. As with many other sports, the winner is the one who out-competes his rivals, that is, the one who scores the highest number of points. The sport is not necessarily an individual sport, as participants can compete in teams.

Motorbike racing is indeed a very engaging sport that sends chills of excitement down fans’ spines, and one that will continue to be enjoyed for a long time to come. Although for some it appears to be a dangerous sport, it is the risk that makes it so exciting after all, isn’t it?

Motorbike road racing
Track racing


Motorbike competitions, Skills & Variants



There are varying kinds of tracks, each covered by different kinds of material but none any worse than the other. Speedway is the most common and popular kind of variant. In fact, in international sports, it is the kind of variant that is chosen the most. Materials used in the making of Speedway are granite, brick granules and shale. Another popular variant is grass track, where the tracks have tough tufts of grass. Long tracks usually have variants composed of sand and shale. There are also ice variants, where the tracks are covered with ice must not be any less than 10 cm thick.



Motorbike racing is a sport that attracts plenty of attention, be it a local game or an international one. Fans are willing to bet on their favorite riders, or those who they think have a high probability of winning the game. To show their seriousness, they often will go to a bookmaker and place some money on their preferred rider. If the odds are in their favor, they may get more than they put in, if not, well, at least their opponents win. Betting helps a lot in enhancing the excitement and thrill of the game, as spectators await on bated breath for their preferred riders to bring them victory.



The skills that are required of participants in motorbike track racing include the ability to take the corners with ease as well as ensure that as they do so, they do not lose acceleration. This is pretty tough seeing as it is their machines have no breaks, and they are customized to run on methanol, which does provide a lot of energy, but which can also be inconvenient when turning with no breaks. Riders therefore develop skills like power sliding and broad sliding. Trying to maneuver your way round corners while ensuring that you do not fall behind in performance is anything but easy. On the other hand however, this makes watching the sport an exciting thrill.



Ideally, a number of competitors, who are usually 4, 6 or 8, will circle an oval track on their motor bikes for a designated number of rounds, usually 4, 6 or 8 too. With the completion of each round, each competitor apart form the last one gets a score allotted on a sliding scale. The winner is the one who garners the highest number of points.