Road Racing

Road racing is one of the spectacular sports of racing motorcycles on a hard surface, mostly on roads that paved with tarmac. Inherently, this aesthetic race can take place either on a closed public road or on a purpose-built racing circuit. Historically, motorbike road racing has been performed on public roads. In such a case, the road has to be temporarily closed to the public mainly under the provision of legal orders from the local legislature.

Are you a fan of riding a motorcycle and the competitive MotoGP sport? If the answer is a YES, then the information contained in this article is yours. However, if you are unfamiliar with motorcycle racing, then just know that it is a competitive as well as recreational use of motorcycles. Besides, it is a sport practiced by both amateurs and experts/professionals on racing on roads, natural terrain, and even closed circuits.

Typically, motorcycling is one of the oldest games in the history of two-wheeled engine sports. It started first as a recreational activity, and after that, people loved it so much to the extent that they made it a competitive game. Although there is scanty information on when motorcycling started as a sport, it is believed that motorbike racing was first recorded at Brooklands in early 1900.

Apparently, there are as many styles of motorcycle racing as there are other many competitive sports like balls games, automobile racing, roller-skating, and so on. One of the common forms is popular sport commonly referred to as motorbike road racing. Well, this kind of competition is explained in details in the subsequent sections.

Road racing motorbikes
Motorcycle road racing



Motorbike road racing events and competitions

In a motorcycle road racing, riders compete favorably on different bike styles ranging from purpose-built road race machine to street-legal sport-bikes modified to be safer for competition.

Although some motorbikes for the above sports feature non-faired machines and more traditional road chassis, it has to be understood that most road racing motorcycles are fully faired and aerodynamically designed with impressive ergonomics.

As stated in the previous sections, the above is highly competitive. As such, riders compete up to the international championship level. Typically, two road racing championship exist:

The first is the one referred to as International Motorbike Road Racing Championship and the other one is called Duke Road Racing Rankings. Besides that, there are other prominent motorbike road racing international tournaments, which include the Ulster Grand Prix, North West 200, and the Isle of Man TT.

The list of countries actively involved in road racing competition includes Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Macau, Spain, the Great Britain, the U.S, New Zealand, and Ukraine.

Betting related to Motorbike Road Racing


The above motorcycle racing has hundreds of thousands of fans from around the globe. Due to this, there’re tens and hundreds of betting markets that offer betting odds whenever motorbike-racing competition takes places.

Therefore, if you are a punter of the above spectacular sport, and you think you can predict who is going to win a particular race, then you can comfortably place a bet and stand a chance of getting promotional bonuses and returns on your bankroll.