Motorcykle racing

The history about motorcycle racing


Motorcycle racing (also known as bike racing or moto racing) is one of the interesting motorcycle sports of racing motorcycles. Typically, major genres include off road racing and road racing, both on open courses or circuits, closed circuits, natural terrain, and track racing. Besides that, other standard categories include drag racing, hill climbs, and land speed record trials. While it is one of the most competitive sports, motorcycle racing is a sport practiced by both amateurs and professionals.

It is not clear when motorcycling started, but there is some evidence that it started back in the 1800s. For instance, in the year 1897, the motorcycling was common in Paris, France. Nevertheless, it has been noted that the development of motorcycling often coincided and paralleled that of automobile sports. In other words, motorcycling and automobile games are held almost simultaneously.

Since the 1890s, the moto racing started to become more familiar, and in the year 1904, the sport was included in the world championship. In fact, the first international cup/tournament race took place in Dourdan, France, in 1905. Other famous international motorcycling races took place two years later on the Isle of Man; it was referred to as TT or Tourist Trophy, and it became the world’s most famous racing for many decades after that.

A body was then formed to oversee the entire motorcycling sport, and it was called the Fédération Internationale du Motocyclisme. However, in 1949, the name was changed slightly to become the Fédération Internationale Motocycliste or FIM in short. FIM was responsible for creating an international tournament/cup comprising of five nations, which include Denmark, Germany, Britain, France, and Australia.



Forms of Motorcycle racing


Road racing is held on a closed course, part or all of which could be on a public road. The motorcycle road racing global championship was established in 1949. However, since then, local organizations and clubs from around the globe have been having their international road-race tournaments throughout the year.

Just like its sister sport (that is, automobile racing), there are many forms of motorcycle racing. Typically, as mentioned in the overview section, the commonly known types include:

Road Racing




Hill climbs

Track racing

Drag racing

Ice racing


Betting associated with Motorcycle racing


Since its induction in the 1800s, the motorcycle-racing sport has gained large fans. As such, the road-racing world championship is one of the most common motorcycle racing events where many die-hard fans tend to bet on different betting markets.

Indeed, there are three distinct classes of road racing Championship: MotoGP, Moto2, and Moto3, which means there is a bunch of wagering opportunities on offer. Therefore, if you are a punter of the above spectacular sport, and you have some ideas or hints of who is going to win any one particular race, then you should place bets appropriately so that you get maximum value from your betting bankroll.

However, if you need to get the best odds as well as the best free bet promotions while betting on motor racing events, it is advisable that you need to carry a thorough on different betting sites to land on a popular betting market. Good luck!