Motocross, often abbreviated as MX, is the direct comparison of road racing, but the sport is performed off-road. It is a form of motorcycle racing where riders compete on a course marked out over open and usually rough terrain. Despite the fact that courses can vary widely, it has to comply with international competition length of between 1.5 to 5 kilometers. In most cases, the terrain has to be natural with a steep downhill and uphill grades, muddy or wet surfaces, tens of right or left turns, and other varying terrain difficulties.

Motorcycle racing is one of the oldest popular sports in Europe and other nations around the globe. As early as 1900, racing on bikes was evident in many towns and cities, although it was majorly performed for recreational purposes. However, as the sport become more popular, many people began to practice it as a competitive sport. Indeed, motorbike racing is now a spectacular sport practiced by both professionals/experts and amateurs on roads, closed circuits, tracks, and even in natural undulating terrains.

In 1902, motorcycling sport was included in world championship programs. A body was constituted to oversee the entire sport in 1904, and it was called Fédération Internationale du Motocyclisme. However, the governing body was later renamed to Fédération Internationale Motocyliste or FIM in short.

Just like any other type of competitive sport (such as balls games, athletics, and even automobile racing), there are many different styles and forms of motorbike racing. One of them, which is very common, is a racing sport commonly referred to as Motocross. Typically, Motocross bike racing is explained explicitly in the subsequent section(s).

Motocross jump
Motocross competition


Motocross world championships and sub-disciplines 

Although many motocross racing takes a short time in each heat race (approximately 40 minutes), it is the most physically demanding motorbike racing sport. It is required that riders use the same motorbike throughout the entire race, which means if your bike needs some repairs, it is included in overall performance time. Since motocross racing is extremely rigorous, the safety of the riders is paramount. As such, motocross racing gear includes padded gloves and boots, cotton jersey, quality goggles and helmet, nylon pants padded at the thigh and knee, kidney belt, and a plastic chest protector.

Motocross racing is performed at internal world championship every year, under the supervision of FIM. Motocross competition was first organized in Europe in 1950, and since then, the competition has been held in other parts of the world. In most cases, motocross completion is grouped into three core classes depending on the engine displacement limits of 125, 250, and of course, 500 cubic centimeters.

Many sub-disciplines of motorbike racing sports have been derived from motocross. These include the following:

Freestyle motocross

Quad/ATV Motocross

Side jeeps


Pit bikes


Betting related to Motocross racing sport


From those mentioned above, it is clear that the above sport is incredibly spectacular. In other words, it is enjoyable and entertaining to watch motorbikes flying high from the rift and other funny terrains.

Due to this, there are hundreds of thousands of punters of motocross racing sport. As such, there are several online sportsbooks offering bets on any tournament involving the above sport.

Therefore, if you have sufficient tips of who is going to emerge the winner at the end of motocross competition, perhaps during the world championship, you can place a bet on any of reputable betting site and stand a chance of winning incredible bonuses and betting promotions.