Enduro is one of the spectacular motorcycles racing styles that run on courses that are mainly off-road. Traditional, the competitors compete in a ten plus lap, often through forested areas, muddy off-roads, and so on. Typically, the above sport consists of several different challenges and obstacles. In other words, the term “Enduro” could be a warning to riders that the game focuses on how best a participant can endure racing challenges.

As early as 1900, motorbike racing was already common in many urban and city roads in most European countries. However, this kind of competition did not start first as a sporting activity; rather, it was viewed as one of the incredible recreational activity.
Nevertheless, as more and more people become associated with it, the recreational virtue of motorcycling racing was changed into a sporting event. Indeed, nowadays, racing on a motorbike is a spectacular event practiced by both amateurs and professionals. In most countries, the sport is performed on roads, tracks, terrifying terrains, and even in closed circuits.

The popularity of motorcycle racing has made it be included in the prestigious world championship. To efficiently organize and manage all the activities associated with motorcycling sport, a body called Fédération Internationale du Motocyclism was instituted in 1902. However, in 1945, the name of the organization was changed to Fédération Internationale Motocyliste (commonly abbreviated as FIM).

Similar to other competitive sports, there are several styles and forms of motorbike racing. Among them is popular racing game often referred to as Enduro. If you are unfamiliar with this sport, then worry no more as the ultimate review is unveiled. Take a look!

Enduro racing
Enduro race


Enduro motorbike racing events


Enduro events are held annually, and they are organized and supervised by a body called World Enduro Championship (abbreviated as WEC). The most significant WEC event in the Enduro calendar is a tournament commonly referred to as the International Six Days Enduro (in the past, it was called the International Six Days Trial).

This event takes places in a geographically dispersed area, and riders include both professionals and amateurs from around the globe. At the end of the competition, each rider will have covered approximately 200 kilometers and about 30 percent of the entire race on paved roads and the rest on rough terrains.

Apart from the traditional Enduro racing sport, other sub-disciplines have been derived from the game. It includes the following:

Time card Enduros

Short course Enduros

Hare and Hounds Enduros

If you need to participate in Enduro racing sport, then you to have to understand that the kind of bikes used are not ordinary. Indeed, the nature of the sport requires specialized motorbikes, often with the deep suspension of a typical motocross bike combined with other additional features.

Besides that, the bike’s engines are usually two-stroke single-cylinder between 125 to 300 cubic centimeters while four-stroke engines range between 250 and 650 cubic centimeter.

Betting associated with Enduro


As seen in the previous sections, Enduro is the most entertaining game among the different styles of motorbike racing. As a matter of fact, it had attracted hundreds of thousands of punters. On the same note, there are several betting markets offering betting odds.

Indeed, Enduro competitions are highly competitive, and if you can predict who is going to win a particular race, then you better place a bet on a reputable betting site. Apparently, many punters betting on different online sportsbook have smiled their way to bankroll and incredible bonuses.